Welcome to Green Rush Investments trading as “Green Rush”.

Enterprise Name: Green Rush Investments

Registration Number 2017/102919/07

A private South African startup Medical Cannabis Investment company.


To strive to become the best South African Medical Cannabis Investment company.

We aim to secure as well as cultivate and produce the highest quality Medical Cannabis for extracts and resins for the South African market. In accordance with the Medicines Control Council and Department of Health’s regulations and guidelines.

To identify and secure future South African Cannabis investment ventures or opportunities.

Ultimately we are here to contribute in a positive manner to assist the emerging legal Medical Cannabis market.

In addition to maximising investors ROI, we will be reaching out to and assisting micro growers in the poorer communities of South Africa to make sure Green Rush Investments contributes to a better South Africa.

We are in the process of applying to the MCC for a licence in terms of the provisions of Section 22C(1)(b) of the Medicines Act for any or all of the following activities: 

Cultivate/grow and produce Cannabis and Cannabis resin; 

Extract and test Cannabis, Cannabis resin and/or cannabinoids; 

Manufacture a medicine containing cannabinoids.

If you are interested in investing capital or being involved in a Medical Cannabis/Medical Marijuana company in South Africa then please make use of the contact form to get in touch.

Ralph Higgo

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